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I just realized something pretty huge and figured I’d write it into an essay so that it remains, instead of just some random Facebook post that will disappear… It’s our cats that showed me something, and it is how pretty much all of us, and our pets as well, live in a state of dullness, functioning at only a certain percentage of our potential, of how we could really be our true selves, the things we could really do. In our case, we humans do this to ourselves, and when it comes to our pets, well they have no choice but live on what we feed them, and by this not only do we make them a sorry version of themselves but we are also depriving ourselves from enjoying living with a pet who is really healthy and thriving.

Yeah you could say, so what’s new. This is how life is in this world, most of us just vegetate and try to make it somehow, without killing ourselves or being killed in the process. Quite a sad situation! And what makes me sad is that most of us don’t even realize this, that life could be so much more and so much better if we really took care of ourselves.

It is amazing how sometimes some simple things can open your eyes and make you see something new, or realize how different things can be, that you never even imagined.

What happened was that I started feeding our cats a raw-equivalent food some months ago, I think it should be about half a year now. I kinda knew that you should feed raw to your cats and a species-appropriate diet, which is mostly protein, definitely no carbs and not even vegetables. Raw meat, organs and bones, with some few other minor necessary supplements like taurine. But for me this would be somewhat troublesome with having to make the food myself, buying large amounts of raw meat with bones and organs, grinding it all up, adding the various necessary minor ingredients, and then portioning it and freezing it in small containers. I’m afraid I can’t really do that here, under our current living circumstances.

However about half a year ago I came across this raw-equivalent cat food called Ziwipeak, it’s a New Zealand brand. Raw without the thaw! 🙂 They have canned and air-dried varieties and some few flavors. Even though the food is raw-equivalent, it is canned or air-dried, so you don’t need to be able to keep large amounts in the freezer, just pop open a can and feed it to the cats, and of course the air-dry version is in bags and you just pour some in the cat bowls.

It’s somewhat expensive so we only partly feed this to our cats, the rest is the Orijen or Innova Evo (also grain free but not raw) foods. I’d say about half of their food is the new ZiwiPeak raw food.

Well we’ve been doing this for about half a year now, and I can’t help but notice how all these cats are THRIVING! I mean, really! It wasn’t a sudden occurrence but a gradual process, and I’d say they were pretty well off before too, after all the Orijen and Innova Evo are not some crappy mainstream cat foods either, but honestly, you can’t help but notice the difference! I guess it’s been a gradual process as their bodies got used to this new raw food and started assimilating it, building it in and using it on a regular basis. We did not really see anything different at first. But if you look at them now, see how they behave, the things they do, compared to before, there are definite and distinct changes to the better. How can I say this… Good just got better? Again as I mentioned, they were in pretty good state before too. But compared to how they are now, I’d say that was their 70%. Now these cats are just thriving, they are absolutely gorgeous, beautiful with silky soft and dense coats, depending on which cat we’re talking about, Gluffy is just even more silky, Kormi is extremely soft and fluffy, even more than before (how can that even be possible??? but it is!), Shima is soooo dense, full of muscle and just bursting with health, and Whitey is of course growing up nicely. Their personalities changed too, they became more themselves so to say, it’s really difficult to explain, their “catness” somehow got amplified, with each cat showing more personality characteristics, they do some new things in communication they haven’t done before, etc. Again, you can’t help but notice! If I want to describe this the best, what I can say is that feeding them right made them return to their original potential and let them be who they were in the first place. And it can probably get even better, since as I mentioned, we don’t feed them all raw yet, although eventually that would be the plan.

Which leads us to the point, looking at this situation from the other way around, feeding them inferior food will disable them to a certain extent (depending on how bad the food is), keeping them suppressed and functioning at a lowered state, at only part of their true potential. If the food is really bad, eventually it will make them sick as the body can only put up with so much abuse. This unfortunately happened to a previous cat of mine whose ordeal of getting various health problems, being sick and then his very early death was so shocking and unacceptable for me that it made me start to investigate and look at cat feeding practices. Unfortunately for most cat feeders who become interested in raw feeding, the reason is some kind of bad experience of seeing their cats getting sick and miserable, although more and more health-conscious humans are now looking into raw feeding just because they want the best for their cats.

So with the average pet who is fed mainstream crap, they only function as some lame dull version of themselves, of who they could actually be. They might look alright to the outside… As I said, I thought our cats were fine and behaving and looking pretty good earlier… But when you see the difference! You are like, what is this? I never thought this was possible! And this applies to us humans as well. Most of us eat all the crappy food offered in mainstream food distribution, I’d rather not think about the ratio of how little food that is actually healthy is being eaten by an average person, and what the rest does is keeping us down, and away from our true potential. Of course crappy food is not the only culprit, we are being disabled and incapacitated by all kinds of various factors.

This is how this world is now, all of us operating and functioning at only a percentage of what we could really be. It’s really sad, don’t you think??? Imagine if we could return to being our true selves and function at our true potential! Thank you Gluffy, Shima, Kormi & Whitey to at least make me see the difference! And we are looking forward to more catness to come 🙂


Well regarding cat food I had to write a part two to this essay. We just had Whitey neutered some weeks ago. When picking him up, the vet asked, “were you given the food information yet?” I had no idea what he was referring to so I said no, then at the reception this nurse person hands me a form to fill in. I thought it was something about the neutering so started to fill it in, then realized that it was an application form for a starter pack of Royal Canin cat food delivery plan. So I asked the woman, is this something I’m supposed to feed our kitten after neutering or what, because I don’t buy this kind of food. She said, no, but they suggest to sign up and get a sample anyway. I replied that even if they give it free, I will never feed it to my cats and cited a few reasons like how it’s a kibble, loaded with carbs like wheat & corn, and gave her back the form. I also said we feed them mainly protein-based food and mentioned the ZiwiPeak brand we use. She then replied that fine, but we should also try other foods because then it will be easier when our cats develop some kind of sickness/health problem in the future and will have to be fed specific food. I was like, what?? What kind of approach is that?? It’s so wrong from the start. To assume that your cat will be sick sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time – of course it will happen if you feed them the crappy kibble they suggest which is the whole idea from the start, but it’s like admitting it, that that’s what they are doing: creating sick cats.

Honestly I was very upset by this incident because this is how these big pharma/western medicine people build their slaves. I suspect that most of the people handed that sign-up form will blindly sign up, not even questioning the offer since it came from the vet, the few who will eventually cancel will only do so because of the relatively high price. Personally I think this is a crime, suggesting a food that will unquestionably make your pet sick sooner or later, and deceiving all those unsuspecting people, and of course the pets don’t have a choice since they eat what we feed them. I wish more and more people would think for themselves and notice this evil scheme going on at all levels (because the same happens in human western medicine where unsuspecting people are constantly being turned into slaves to be milked for the medical industry).

The other sad thing is that the average medical employee is brainwashed into believing that what they are doing is right and a good thing! Like this nurse who was trying to get me sign up for the crappy Royal Canin food plan. I could see that she really didn’t like me being a smartass! Well fortunately they cannot force those foods on us (yet) and I do hope that more and more people start to question things handed to us on a silver platter. Sadly what I see so far is that people will only start to investigate for themselves after they lose a pet to sickness (again, that’s what happened to me), and even for some of those who lost a pet, they will act totally hurt and become offensive when you try to suggest that maybe things are not what they seem (again, happened to me too when a relative lost a cat and I offered some – obviously unasked for – feeding advice). Yeah, this whole situation just totally sucks! Just makes me sad. There is just sooooo much that people are missing out on, and life could be so much better for everybody if people just started to use their common sense and judgement. Do your own investigation, don’t just accept anything handed to you on a silver platter.

Feeding a raw diet to your cat is the best. My favorite website on raw feeding is Cat Nutrition. You can find a lovely pictorial on how to make your own cat food at home here. Give it a try and be prepared for some amazing surprises while seeing your cat(s) transform into their true selves. Lisa Pierson’s site is another must-read for healthy cat feeding. She says since cats need lots of moisture, any canned food is better than kibble. Feeding kibble will keep your cat(s) in a state of chronic dehydration, even if they do drink some water on the side. I’d argue a little with any can being better than kibble, since there are really some crappy canned cat foods out there, so if you don’t want to go raw (yet), at least transition to a better canned food. ZiwiPeak canned cat food is a great choice.

Happy (raw) feeding!

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