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Most online petitions are a scam and if you don’t see that, you are in trouble


Alright, I’ve had it with phony online petitions and those who promote & sign them blindly. What’s wrong with everybody??? Did you people really lose your right sense of perception?
Firstly, here is how a good petition should be, and these are ground rules that exist by nothing but common sense. Do you people have common sense? If you think you do, these rules should be self-evident. And they are:

1. There should be an actual petition text that explains clearly what the petition wants. It should be addressed so someone or somewhere in particular. The text should explain clearly what we who all sign want and ask for.
2. It should be explained on the promotion page how this petition will actually be submitted, when and to whom. If there is no actual date, then a goal should be set, like for example, this petition will be submitted when we reach a minimum number of x signatures.
3. If the particular issue the petition is about, is complicated, on the promotion page there should first be a summary that briefly explains what the petition is about, and then below that, a more detailed part where those who really want to know the small details, can read everything. If available, links should be provided to any preliminary law drafts etc. Then those who really want to know the small details, can look them up.
4. There should be a report afterwards, that is emailed to everybody who signed, unless the person specifically asks not to be emailed, for which there should be an option. The report should include the actual facts on where and how the petition was submitted, and of course the outcome(s).
5. As for people signing, you should not be able to just sign with a name and e-mail address. Any real petition should ask for your valid details like country and address, so that each and every person who signed can be traced and identified if necessary. Where you sign with a name and email address, that does not identify you, anybody can write a fake name and temporary email, several at once even. Of course that will limit the fake signatures because people will be wary to provide their true details, but sorry folks, you either give your name for an issue, or you don’t. Where you sign with a name and email, that is hiding! It’s like, yes, I do agree, but am not ready to take responsibility for my views. So, you either take responsibility or you don’t. You can see that with any real petitions, where people have to provide actual address etc information, there will be much less signatures. Why is that? It is obvious. Because you actually have to provide details where you can be identified, which would be the whole point. When you are unwilling to take responsibility, your signature totally loses any meaning.

So now, anything less than the above is a scam and what it does is this: it prevents you from actually doing something. ACTIONS ARE WHAT MATTERS. Talk is cheap. Anybody can say and write anything nowadays. How you can make a difference though is by taking action. DO SOMETHING! Don’t just sit back and sign some fake petition that will fill you with a false sense of accomplishment. Because that’s exactly what it does!

I often read excuses where people say, yes, it might be fake but at least it is something. Something is better than nothing. Really???? That’s the whole sad truth, that no, it is not something, it is NOTHING, and you felt like you actually did something. So, next time you see maybe a real petition where you even have to provide your address etc details, you will think, well, I already signed the other one, and what a pita to fill in all this address etc stuff, I’ll rather not bother.

The thing is, when you blindly sign any whatever petition that happened to be in your newsfeed posted by a friend, you work against yourself, because by each and every time you do that, you will do less actual action. Even if you think the petition might be fake, you still hope somewhere that it isn’t, and you feel like you did something. It would be nice if those of you who do this on a regular basis could finally realize that not only you did absolutely nothing, you just prevented yourself and others who sign after you also shared the petition, from actually doing something that would actually make a difference!!!! Do you see that? No? If you don’t, you are really deep in it! Time to wake up!!! And what an irony it is that those who sign these, are convinced that they are awakened. Yes, sure, eyes wide shut as they say! You are just being pulled by strings as everybody else along with you in the ant farm! All major petitions that lack the above rules, are carefully orchestrated by the controllers, those who rule from behind the scenes. They are part of the many tools to manipulate and influence us people.


Let’s see a recent example just to demonstrate the ridiculousness of these widely publicized and circulated petitions, about the internet privacy acts and how they were widely publicized and all over the place. First ACTA and then Cispa etc. Do you know how that all ended up?? Do you? Probably not, so let me say, that after all the meaningless signatures by huge numbers of untraceable people who just signed with names and emails, which is all meaningless, ACTA was denied and then Cispa was approved, and then, surpriiiiise!!! the Senate decided to drop it. Yes, you read that right. They dropped it. Now where does that leave us? It leaves us with the conclusion that as long as these controlling powers are who they are, each and every time what will happen, is what they want!!! Shocking but true! Get over it! It does not matter whatsoever what we the people want! The controllers do whatever they want, and that is that! Yes it is those relatively few entities who are in power that do whatever they want, completely irrelevant to whether we like it or not!

If we want to change the world, there are other ways, and those are definitely not phony online petitions!

How you change the world, is by your actions and the correct thoughts, and of course manifesting a world that should be. Do your share, whatever you can, even if you think of it as small and that it could not possibly be of significance. Every small thing has significance and each and every one of us can make a difference.

So, what are you doing in order to live in a better world?

5 thoughts on “Most online petitions are a scam and if you don’t see that, you are in trouble

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