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What is being “awake”

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Today we are hearing so much about being awake and those who are still asleep are considered to be the sheep, or sheeple as some call them. But what exactly is “being awake” and what are those who exclaim, “I am awake”? Are they really awake or have they merely been led to a place of victimhood? The psychological profile of victimization includes a pervasive sense of helplessness. Most of the people who believe they are now awake believe so because they have been informed of things such as the Puppet Masters, the Illuminati, chemtrails, High Frequency Active Auroral Research (HAARP) , genetically modified foods (GMOs), fluoride in our water supply, mercury in our silver fillings, insane-sounding ingredients in vaccinations, plans to microchip everyone, the New World Order/one world government, corporations dictating government policy, rigged electronic voting, religions that were created to control the masses, aliens controlling planet Earth, EMF radiation, depopulation agenda, suppressed technologies, suppressed history, and the list goes on and on.

As can easily be seen, anyone who believes in only a fraction of what was listed would most likely be put in a state of fear. And just as the world is nearing ascension, in the minds of some, we are getting all this negative, fearful information thrown at us. In my own opinion there is most likely at least something to most of this information being thrown at us but if there truly is a dark side attempting to block our ascension and thereby maintaining control over us, all they would need to do is convince us to become victims and we will block our own ascension with fearful, negative thoughts and beliefs. In other words, the dark side does not have to actually do anything to us to maintain control over us, all they need to do is convince us they are doing harmful things to us.

The truly awakened understand that none of this stuff we are told we are or have been victims of means anything to our happiness. The truly awakened individual feels no fear, anger, hate or any other negative towards the dark side, the truly awakened individual has gained insight into the workings of the mind which keeps us imprisoned in suffering mode, and with this insight/understanding we rise above the darkness and are no longer victims.

As a side note, the so called “sheep” may be better off than those exclaiming, “I am awake”, simply because the “sheep” may not be in such a victim-induced negative state of mind. However, it would seem that victimhood  may be a stage of awakening we must all go through to reach the state of being fully “AWAKE”.


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