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“Why isn’t all this stuff that is harmful being banned?”

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IMG_6879While we’re using a food picture here, it seems most everyone these days has something they would like to see banned, regulated or in some way controlled by the government. The problem is, if they all had their way, we would quickly be living under a dictatorship. 

Indeed it is true that many things we buy off the shelf in stores need to be banned, it is up to us individuals to ban these items from our personal lives to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Putting the blame on corporations does nothing to solve the problem. It is not a corporation’s obligation or responsibility to take time out from creating and producing products to try to determine how they can care best about us. The only responsibility a corporation has is to create and produce the products that we the consumers demand from them with our purchases. If we the consumers do not buy a product, that product will not be produced and it is that simple. When we the consumers do our due diligence before making purchases, only healthy products will be produced simply because corporations are in business to make money and wasting money developing products which do not sell will cause them to become bankrupt and go out of business very quickly.

The problem we have now with so much unhealthy food on the shelves and so much more, is a direct result of government regulating so much. The problem is that so many people now falsely believe the government is there to take care of us. It is not that the corporations do not take care of us, it is that the government is incapable of taking care of the people even if that may have been their intent at one time. One thing that many do not seem to understand is that people who run businesses have a driven need to not only survive but to flourish and when the government begins their regulations which can threaten a corporation’s existence, that corporation has some very intelligent people running things who can easily out-compete the less intelligent and possibly corrupt leaders in government. Unfortunately once this process has played itself out as it has now, the corporations are in control of enough government officials to get away with murder if they choose. This is the problem we face now and the answer is not more economy-slowing government regulations as so many seem to think but instead it is we the consumers who must deal with this major problem by no longer assuming if a product is on the shelf it must be safe or the government would not allow it to be there. We the consumers must in no uncertain terms send a strong message to the producers of unhealthy products that they will only be wasting their money creating anything less than very healthy products,  and also the healthier the products are, the greater will be their sales.

Any corporation or business producing unhealthy food will be run out of business quickly, simply because there will be no demand for their products, in other words, no one will any longer buy unhealthy food.

It is past time for all of us to assume responsibility for what has happened to our food supply and stop blaming corporations, after all the corporations are only giving us what we continue to demand with our pocketbook!

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