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Everybody doesn’t like something…

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The question, “What is wrong with this world?” has what may be an unexpected but simple answer. As the Sara Lee slogan tells us: “Everybody doesn’t like something…” but as we all know, most of us are likely to have as many dislikes as likes. 

Exactly what is a dislike? Of course it mainly means that you don’t like something, but here are some synonyms: hate, detest, loathe, abominate, abhor, despise, scorn, shun. All of these synonyms and more like them are what is wrong with this world.

Let me explain a little… How many of us feel or believe that it is quite normal to not like something and there is nothing wrong with carrying dislikes around in our minds. Indeed, if you ask the average person, he or she will easily come up with a list of what he or she dislikes. It is considered a “normal” thing. Now when we carry dislikes around in our minds, we also carry dislikes around in our hearts, and when we have dislikes in our hearts, we have displaced the love that should be filling our hearts, and even something simple as not liking apples or bananas, has displaced love from our hearts.


Liking bananas could be the key

It seems deep down we all know that the big hates are wrong and a problem. But it is the seemingly smaller, seemingly less significant disliking that is equally bringing us all down to a love-depleted world. Now we come to the part where what does “Be the change that you want to see in the world” really mean? It means change your own state by filling your heart with love and your world changes and so does the world around you.

But a heart cannot be filled with love if it is already filled with dislikes. We should be the love that we truly are and love all things, even adversity. And how do we do that? A good start to loving all things is to never dislike anything, remain neutral or rather, go to the opposite and instead feel the love for that. If it is raining, feel the love for a beautiful sunny day, or it can be even easier to love the rain as so many good things come from it: sustaining life, reviving plants, providing drinking water and so on.

All it takes to learn this is to watch ourselves with awareness and notice all those seemingly harmless thoughts of not liking something. Then go to the opposite and instead feel the love for that.

“Whatever arises, love that.” – Matt Kahn

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