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As we go through life, we tend to encounter many rough spots or undesired experiences and these rough spots or undesired experiences can cause us to feel any one of many negative feelings such as frustration, irritability, anxiety, anger, fear, sadness and many others. We all want to feel good so we can enjoy life, yet for most of us this does not always come easy. 

“What you think about, you bring about.”

How many times do we think about things we do not like or want. This is why, and only why they are there in our experience and as long as we continue to think about them, they will remain with us, sometimes making us very sad or unhappy, perhaps even angry.

The answer to this dilemma, every time we catch ourselves thinking about bad stuff, immediately shut it off and think about all that makes or would make us very happy.

You see, life really is perfect. It’s our thoughts that are not always perfect but “we” are in charge of those thoughts. (Has someone done something to you today that you do not like? Think about how unhappy this makes you, and they or someone else will do the same to you in the future. Think of happy stuff instead and you will experience happy in the future.) Yes, life really is this simple.

Enjoying life and being happy is in direct relationship to our state of mind. It is not about doing fun things or stuff that can make us happy, it is about what is taking place within our minds. Some things we do can make it easier for us to be in an uplifting state of mind, but at any moment of our choosing we can take our state of mind up to a very happy place irregardless of our circumstances.

Whenever life seems a little difficult, it is our higher self telling us that our state of mind has dropped or is low. If we then feel a negative emotion, our state of mind/vibration can go even lower. This may seem counter intuitive, but the appropriate response or reaction would be to quickly raise our vibration to a happy place. Yes, when something bad happens, the correct response is to feel good, after all we were just given a message that our vibration dipped or is low. Our higher self has just told us we are doing something wrong. And when we make the decision to feel good, we can find ourselves happy even after something unwanted has just been experienced. This is why life can seem so difficult, we respond in the opposite way of happiness.


Perhaps the following metaphor can make it a little easier to understand: “The sky is sunny, we think of something lower and clouds form, we continue this lower vibration and the sky gets dark, we now feel sad that our day may be ruined and it begins to rain, at this point we start to feel a little anger over our day being ruined and it pours and the wind blows, we are now really feeling down and a tornado shows up.” This is not how we wish to live our lives, yet this is the kind of scenario so many of us create in our lives to varying degrees. When the clouds first started to form, the correct response would have been to quickly take ourselves up, smile and feel good, and the clouds could have dissipated and the sun could have shined again. And anywhere along the way we could have chosen to raise our vibration to a happy place and the sunny sky could have been restored.


This is what most of us have been missing. The key to a happy life is to respond to the signs given to us by our higher selves. Telling us that we are not where we want to be and then to change things back to what feels good which is where we do want to be.

The question is, how do we feel good when something feels so bad in our life? Firstly we must understand, to experience good things we must feel good, and if we feel bad we are out of alignment. Then we must learn how to raise our vibration or state of mind at will. It will take practice but it can be done. Knowing the solution and then experiencing the results once or twice will be a great motivator to perfect it.

This is what we are here for, to learn how to “Simplify Life” and then to experience the true beauty of life. Next time you feel anything unpleasant, remember, God has sent you a message, so listen to it and feel happiness.

Practice raising your vibration when things are good or okay, as well as those other times. Learn how to smile just because you want to, and feel it, it feels good and can lead to an even happier smile and on and on…Now smile, inside and out, and never stop! We are beings of Love, and Love is the experience we are here for!

One final thought, every time we experience a negative emotion, we are displaying a lack of gratitude, we are here with the ability to do anything and for this we should always display our gratitude by being happy.

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