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Relax your eyes with palming

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I felt I had to share the positive experience I had with palming, which is a simple but efficient technique to relax the eyes. Originally I just wanted to make and upload the video but then I felt that some background information was necessary in order to understand the concept and get the best results. 

You may have heard about or been advised to do a sort of palming before and may even have tried it, and depending on the way you did it only found that nothing really happened. This was the case with me, several times when I complained to various health practitioners about eye fatigue and strain, I was advised to place my hands over my eyes and was supposed to feel all that nice warm energy coming from my palms, going right into my eyes. Only I never felt anything!

With palming, it would be extremely important to teach it the right way but I found that in most cases this just does not happen. The palming I was advised went along the lines of bending my fingers so that my hands form domes and placing them over my eyes in such a way that only the tips of my fingers touch the skin and making sure my eyes are not touched. I don’t know about other people but this way of doing it never did anything for me, I never felt any “nice warm energy” coming from my hands and never experienced any healing effects whatsoever. And it certainly did not feel relaxing either.

I came across the real deal palming recently when after developing a bunch of eye problems, I was looking into what caused these and what I did to make them happen. I believe that perfect health is our natural state and when sickness and health problems arise, these are warning signs from the body that we are doing something wrong. I always look for the causes and then make an effort to deal with them as well as I can, otherwise any kind of treatment is really just a band aid, without getting rid of the whatever issue that is causing the problem in the first place. I now know that my eyes practically ganged up on me in order for me to notice that I let stress get to me too much. Of course we have to deal with all kinds of stress every day and depending on the particular body, that stress will go to the eyes to some extent – in my case it was obvious from early on that stress affected my eyes in a big way. Although my eyesight has always been perfect, I’ve regularly had issues with eye strain, and recently a bunch of new eye problems appeared: I could not see far objects clearly any more, I had to hold small print at an arm’s length to be able to read it (presbyopia), I had more and more floaters (the small amoeba-looking transparent stuff floating in your vision), the eye strain was becoming unbearable to such an extent that just keeping my eyes open and looking at stuff was itself straining. Imagine getting through a day like this, it was an ordeal! I also noticed that my eyes were not functioning at their full potential and there was some pain as well so I suspect I was in the process of developing cataracts/glaucoma/macular degeneration or any combination of those. Believe me, this was all very scary! I refused to see a conventional ophthalmologist just to be told I had this and that and I needed glasses/surgery etc since who needs those! What I want is perfect health and my perfect eyesight back. So I was desperately looking into what was causing all these symptoms suddenly happening all at once and tried many things like regularly seeing a chiropractor, doing foot reflexology, hand reflexology, eye exercises, detoxing, taking an insane amount of astaxanthin/bilberry/lutein/carnosine etc. various eye supplements but whatever I did, the situation was only becoming worse and worse. I actually suspected that if I didn’t find a solution, I would eventually go blind!

So one day I was looking up presbyopia which is when people need to hold small prints at a distance in order to read them. There was some interview with a conventional eye doctor who was explaining the usual – how presbyopia just happens as people age and nothing can be done about it so people should just accept it and make an effort to get customized glasses. Well, this eye doctor made the mistake to insert an “innocent” side comment saying that the only time one of his patients managed to get rid of presbyopia was using some eye relaxation exercises. Hmmmm…. Big mistake to insert that there 🙂 After reading this interview, that one side comment kept bugging me and I was wondering what this eye doctor was referring to by “eye relaxation exercises”, so I started looking up eye relaxation techniques. This is how I came across the real palming, and I’m forever grateful for that!

Palming is one of the main eye relaxation techniques in Dr. Bates’ protocol who was a controversial eye doctor more than 100 years ago. He realized that most eye problems are caused by eye strain and treated his patients with various eye relaxation techniques that eventually gave them their perfect eyesight back. He also believed that life in the modern world is an unnatural situation for the eyes where they constantly need to look at written text, books, newspapers etc, in other words, being used as information transfer tool and not really for seeing. Normally the eyes also notice and follow movements, colors, shadows, depth etc, but nowadays we just take these for granted and don’t acknowledge them whatsoever. It would also be important to use the eyes mindfully, notice all that color, movements, shapes and shadows etc. This is where mindfulness comes into the picture so when looking at something, we should not let our thoughts wander and think about other totally unrelated matters. We should focus on what we are doing and notice every little detail and keep our mind on that. Mindful seeing would be the idea! Well, no wonder that Bates was hated and discriminated against by conventional eye doctors who did not like that with his philosophy and techniques he actually healed people with eye problems.

It’s important to remember that the stress we experience and accumulate every day usually ends up building up in the body, and eventually materializes in some form of sickness or health problem. The eyes are particularly sensitive to untreated stress, so eventually the muscles that do all that eye work become more and more strained and are in a constant cramped state. The solution therefore is to

1. deal with your stress and not allow it to affect you

2. relax and un-cramp those eye muscles.

Once you understand this and start practicing eye relaxation techniques, along with dealing with your stress and not allowing it to get to you, while using your eyes to see mindfully, results appear quite quickly. Of course depending on how bad your eye problem is, the eye muscles might have been in that cramped state for many years, so it might also take some time to return them to their original healthy state.

If you are more interested in Dr. Bates’ eye philosophy, there are several good sites out there explaining these and you can also read Dr. Bates’ book although it’s somewhat long… So for you lazy ones out there, I suggest to try the palming and see how you like it.

As I mentioned above, I kept trying a bunch of alternative eye-improvement methods only to find that they did not help whatsoever. Then after I read about how eye problems are caused by stress and constant eye strain, I made an effort to not get stressed out about anything and live life with joy – I like to think that I was already practicing this to some extent but obviously there was still too much tension that I wasn’t aware of. So it is also important to watch ourselves with awareness and notice the stress and any tension. I also started doing the palming regularly, whenever I felt my eyes getting tired, or just because. Sometimes I only do it for half a minute or few minutes, and other times longer, as a kind of meditation. Here is a little video where I demonstrate how I do it – but I suggest that everybody experiments to find the best way for how to do it comfortably, since the whole idea is to relax the eyes and you can only do this if you yourself are relaxed.

Remember that your eyes’ natural state is relaxed so while you do the palming, reflect on how they are relaxing and any strain is disappearing quickly and efficiently. It is not hard to imagine this because as you palm, you can’t help but notice that nice warm energy coming out of your hands and going into your eyes, relaxing and restoring them to their original natural state where they work perfectly and with ease. Yes, with this technique I can actually feel that nice warm energy… So it is very pleasant! And when something is pleasant, it is quite easy to make it a habit, simply because it feels good! I do the palming as long as I like, sometimes using it as meditation, other times just doing a mini-palm when I feel some eye strain or when soaking in the bathtub or during my commute on the train. Feel free to do it as often and as long as you like, there are no rules here other than you must be comfortable and have to make sure there is complete darkness under your palms.

I decided to write this article and upload the video because palming produced quick and distinct results in a very short time, and nothing else I tried did this. So far I’ve only been doing the palming for about one week but pretty much all my eye strain is gone, which is absolutely wonderful! Furthermore I don’t feel like my eyes are not working at their full potential and I can see both far objects and small print more clearly. I’m confident that eventually all my eye problems will disappear, including the floaters. The improvement is so obvious that it could not be ignored or being attributed to something else. I felt this was definitely worth sharing.

Palming is so simple that it can be done easily any time and anywhere, it certainly does not cost anything and even feels good! Please don’t dismiss it simply because it is not difficult and doesn’t cost huge amounts of money. Give it a try and see how it works for you. I wish happy palming and perfect eyesight to everyone!

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