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Belief is a toxic and dangerous attitude toward reality

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Religious beliefs are not the only beliefs we have and therefore religious beliefs should not automatically come to mind whenever the word belief is mentioned unless religion is already being discussed. The term belief is not owned by religion. 

Beliefs are not at all harmless as many may “believe”. We all have them and these beliefs we all embrace and live our lives by alter our perception of reality. When we live in a self-created universe based on our own beliefs, we can no longer navigate the one true reality which does exist. This is the reason for a chaotic world! We do not share the one true reality but rather all have our own separate perceptions of reality which have been created by our beliefs.

Not only do we all have our own beliefs but every culture has its own sets of beliefs. So now, not only are we blocked from the one true reality by our self-created beliefs but also by the beliefs of any culture we are a part of. And within cultures are other groups such as religions, governments, clubs, organizations etc. with their own sets of beliefs. This is the reason for a chaotic world, no one can perceive the one true reality.

There is no harmony, everyone is beating on a different drum of delusion, and of course some drums are bigger than others.

This is why “belief is a toxic and dangerous attitude toward reality”.

The way out of the chaos is to drop all beliefs and begin to perceive the one true reality.


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