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Butterfly effect

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Doctors! What a waste of human intellect. Most live their lives as though they are non-thinking monkeys. They do and think as they are told by others, and kill in the process. Doctors are the number one cause of death. In other words more of us would most likely be alive without doctors than with them. We would also be much healthier. Drugs don’t cure they kill, whether it be slowly or rapidly, they kill!

Population control, see your doctor he’ll fix you right up, but he’s only doing as he has been told.

Isn’t it amazing after hearing all the side affects of taking a drug, how many run to their doctor to get some. Mind control anyone? Past time for us to wake up! (Doctors only get credit for the quick kills and not the kills that may take a number of years.) Officially they were ranked the number 3 killers.

United States spends about 1.5 trillion dollars for healthcare, most of this we are paying to rapidly or slowly kill our collective selves. And then there are also many other big costs to us in many other areas. Anything they use to slowly or rapidly kill us we pay for. Who only knows who “They” is or how this has come about but “They” does exist as we are being bombarded with insanity by so-called experts most of us look up to.

This is not about fear, (emotion) this is about understanding. There must be understanding in order for change to move us higher.

“A single occurrence, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can change the course of the universe forever.”  ~Butterfly Effect~


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