Love, peace, joy & harmony on Earth!

About Us

Firstly, I would like to tell the story of how the term “futurmajic” came about. It was in the mid nineties in Maryland and I was making my first attempt to live off trading. I had left my twelve year job in Texas and moved back to Maryland to spend some time with family members and perhaps find a few old friends if any could still be found. I was talking to the sister of an old friend when she mentioned another guy we knew from our high school days whom I hadn’t seen since graduation. She told me she had his phone number if I wanted to contact him as he had numerous business dealings and might be interested in getting a few investors together for a commodity pool which I had told her I was planning to start. For anyone who may not know, a commodity pool is a group of investors who pool their money together and trade as one entity with a CPO, “Commodity Pool Operator” doing the trading for the group. Naturally I wanted to talk to this old friend I had not seen in years and also pass my idea about a commodity pool by him. He was quickly interested but said he would like to see how I traded, the system and methodology. So I invited him to my trading room to get a demonstration of how I received trading signals. As he and I sat in front of my trading desk, I showed him how I would run a computer program searching for the combination of numbers that would match up to the present market cycles and as the program finished its run, it automatically plotted the buy and sell arrows on a commodity chart. As he watched in amazement, as about ninety percent of the signals were near perfect at indicating short term market reversals, he exclaimed “It’s like magic!” After that first day he always referred to the trading system as magic and it stuck, some time later I began calling it “futurmajic” and over the years it has come to symbolize the best possibilities in the future in all ways, this is what my wife and I want for ourselves as well as for the whole world. This will be our contribution towards that end, as small or large as it may be.

I retired in the U.S. and now live in the larger Tokyo area with my wife and our four wonderful cats. Life is good and we live in an amazing place. My lovely wife was born in Hungary, speaks four languages and has worked in Tokyo for about twenty years. We are both very spiritual and truth seeking, we may write about some things which may be unknown to some, we do not profess to have all the answers but I think we do have some.

As for our site slogan, “Love, peace, joy & harmony on Earth”, actually the long and more precise version is “Love, peace, joy & harmony forever and for all, here on Earth and in the universe”. We often say and think this, in various lengths and formats. Shortest version is “Love & light!”. How wonderful it would be if “Love & light!” would be a form of greeting among people where we say this to each other when we meet, like instead of “Hey man”, we would say “Love & light!”. Isn’t that much more refreshing & uplifting? 🙂

BTW the header picture on this page is a photograph of water on our kitchen counter. We just filled a set of blue glass bottles for making blue solar water and this is the accumulated water that remained by the bottom of the water bottles after they were taken outside to charge in the sun. The way the light made those water puddles look was quite unique so we could not help ourselves and had to take some pictures.

Love & light!

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