Love, peace, joy & harmony on Earth!

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Relax your eyes with palming

I felt I had to share the positive experience I had with palming, which is a simple but efficient technique to relax the eyes. Originally I just wanted to make and upload the video but then I felt that some background information was necessary in order to understand the concept and get the best results.  Continue reading

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Life without Facebook?

There might be some truth to the idea that it is easier to make resolutions when a new year starts… While in theory we could pick up new habits and set resolutions any day, let’s face it, for most of us it doesn’t actually happen, and the start of a new year might just be that tiny little nudge you need!


Are those notifications consuming your life?

I really have not been a new year resolution person up to now, but for some unfathomable reason (help from the higher powers or my helpers?)  on January 2nd, 2017 I had this sudden urge or I’d rather say, a firm decision formed in my mind, to stay off Facebook for a month and see how that changes my life. Continue reading

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And you thought you knew all about making a good cat food…

Hi fellow humans owned by cats 🙂

Well I just had a very interesting e-mail conversation with Nigel Woodd, director of the ZiwiPeak pet food brand we partly feed to our kitties. I know Mr. Woodd through work and we met in person some months ago.

If you thought you knew about how to make a top-quality cat food, or what that would be, you might be in for some education. Continue reading

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Your responsibility in sharing (on social media)

These days most of us use social media like Facebook to keep in touch with friends & relatives and to see new material from our favorite sites/people. We like to check in on our commutes to/from work, at home, at work, probably several times a day, and depending on our schedules, can spend anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, checking out all the stuff in our newsfeeds, chatting with friends etc.  Continue reading


Most online petitions are a scam and if you don’t see that, you are in trouble

Alright, I’ve had it with phony online petitions and those who promote & sign them blindly. What’s wrong with everybody??? Did you people really lose your right sense of perception?
Firstly, here is how a good petition should be, and these are ground rules that exist by nothing but common sense. Continue reading

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A world full of potential

I just realized something pretty huge and figured I’d write it into an essay so that it remains, instead of just some random Facebook post that will disappear… It’s our cats that showed me something, and it is how pretty much all of us, and our pets as well, live in a state of dullness, functioning at only a certain percentage of our potential, of how we could really be our true selves, the things we could really do. Continue reading