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Life simplified

As we go through life, we tend to encounter many rough spots or undesired experiences and these rough spots or undesired experiences can cause us to feel any one of many negative feelings such as frustration, irritability, anxiety, anger, fear, sadness and many others. We all want to feel good so we can enjoy life, yet for most of us this does not always come easy.  Continue reading

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“Why isn’t all this stuff that is harmful being banned?”

IMG_6879While we’re using a food picture here, it seems most everyone these days has something they would like to see banned, regulated or in some way controlled by the government. The problem is, if they all had their way, we would quickly be living under a dictatorship.  Continue reading

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Your responsibility in sharing (on social media)

These days most of us use social media like Facebook to keep in touch with friends & relatives and to see new material from our favorite sites/people. We like to check in on our commutes to/from work, at home, at work, probably several times a day, and depending on our schedules, can spend anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, checking out all the stuff in our newsfeeds, chatting with friends etc.  Continue reading


Most online petitions are a scam and if you don’t see that, you are in trouble

Alright, I’ve had it with phony online petitions and those who promote & sign them blindly. What’s wrong with everybody??? Did you people really lose your right sense of perception?
Firstly, here is how a good petition should be, and these are ground rules that exist by nothing but common sense. Continue reading