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And you thought you knew all about making a good cat food…

Hi fellow humans owned by cats 🙂

Well I just had a very interesting e-mail conversation with Nigel Woodd, director of the ZiwiPeak pet food brand we partly feed to our kitties. I know Mr. Woodd through work and we met in person some months ago.

If you thought you knew about how to make a top-quality cat food, or what that would be, you might be in for some education. Continue reading

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A world full of potential

I just realized something pretty huge and figured I’d write it into an essay so that it remains, instead of just some random Facebook post that will disappear… It’s our cats that showed me something, and it is how pretty much all of us, and our pets as well, live in a state of dullness, functioning at only a certain percentage of our potential, of how we could really be our true selves, the things we could really do. Continue reading